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This program compiles on linux and mac (it may also work on windows, though
it was not tested). It requires:
This program compiles on GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows (this port is currently
in development). It requires:
-g++ (maybe other compilers work),
-g++ in GNU/Linux or Mac
-Visual C++ in Windows
-Qt 4,
-OpenGL 3.1 or GLew 1.5.2,
-libnetpbm, and
-glut or freeglut.
-freeglut (maybe it also works with glut),
-libjpeg, and
-libnetpbm (if using any compiler other than Visual C++).
To build, simply run qmake and make.
In windows, you need to get some libjpeg and libnetpbm from the GnuWin32
project ( Additionally, you need flex
because it contains an implementation of unistd.h.
To build in GNU/Linux and Mac, simply run qmake and make. In Windows, it
would be easier to go thru QtCreator.
To configure, you can set in the file ~/.panorc the following options.
shader_dir=<path to directory containing the shader files>
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