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......@@ -13,7 +13,9 @@ To build, simply run qmake and make.
To configure, you can set in the file ~/.panorc the following options.
shader_dir=<path to directory containing the shader files>
image_file=<path to the desired input file>
max_fov=<starting value of max_fov, in degrees>
Lines in the file must start with option names, and no spaces should go
between option names, equal signs and values. If no shader path is set, the
default is ./shaders/. If no input file is set, or the file is missing, a
file chooser will be shown at startup.
file chooser will be shown at startup. The default value of max_fov is 60
Higher priority:
-Study singular points of the transformations and fix the image in those
Lower priority:
-Discretize grid, add a parameter grid_discr=5x5, 10x10, 15x15, ...
-Add a parameter for the grid resolution.
-Compute a limit for the discretization (298 degrees?).
-Change squares by triangles on the top and on the bottom of the sphere.
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