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PatherQuick: A* path finding component for QtQuick
more info at:


I was trying to learn about simple pathfinding for developing small games and I found this great page:

So, I read the text and followed teh instructions and was able to come up with the following app.
It's very simple, you give it a 2D matrix, start position and end position. The result should be a
path (Not sure if it's the shortest, but ot has worked so far).

It has some limitations which I haven't explored (such as the maximum matrix size of 99x99). As it
is explained on the reference page (mentioned above) I hope to have written a A* algorthim.

If you would like to use the code for any purpose, remember its GPL.

The project was made in Qt Creator and tested with 5.4.2 build kit.

Qt Creator 3.4.2 (opensource)
Based on Qt 5.5.0 (Clang 6.0 (Apple), 64 bit)
Built on Jun 29 2015 01:54:07
From revision b57ac109a2

The app is all based on QtQuick and the path finding "stuff" is all inside
the *AStarQuick.qml* component. So if your making a new app just copy this file.
I supose since its all QML, it could be ported to pure javacript (maybe I'll do it

As for the "how to use it?" question: have a look at the main.qml file.
For more info, have a look at the console output.. it should show some
of the path finding process.